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Homeschooling your children often seems like an overwhelming task, BUT it doesn't have to be that way! Easy Homeschooling is the high-quality, classic literature & Bible based method that saves you, the busy mom, time, energy AND money. In fact, the Easy Homeschooling system will show you how you can homeschool your family on a shoestring budget almost FREE - other than the cost of these books.

All of the Easy Homeschooling books are concise, motivational,  and filled with only practical, usable how-to information. Years of experience, with hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied families, and many testimonials, are proof - Easy Homeschooling WORKS!

These volumes make up the complete "Easy Homeschooling" Library:

Available in both Christian Edition (PDF & Kindle) or General Edition (PDF only)

The book that started it all, now in its Third Edition!  Lorraine Curry tells her own story and introduces you to homeschooling the easy way -- using the Bible, classic literature & free books as the basis of most of your homeschool subject studies -- while preventing homeschooling overload and saving a LOT of money.

In this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Simplify your homeschooling
  • Lay a good foundation & plan for your homeschool success
  • Establish order and peace in your home
  • Set goals that you WILL be able to meet
  • How to choose the books & literature that will best serve your children
  • Teach all subjects using classic books
  • Keep high school records
  • Train homemaking skills
  • Guide your children toward the careers they desire
  • ... and MUCH MORE!



    What is really worth learning? What can you impart that will make the most impact on your children's lives as they grow to adulthood? In this book, you'll discover the secrets of homeschooling through the Bible, classic literature & moral training - and then learn how to incorpoate the supporting & formal subjects, the Easy Homeschooling way. In addition to literature lists, topics of study, grade level guides and hundreds of practical day-to-day teaching tips, you'll also learn:

    • Exactly how the literary method works - and why it is so effective
    • Detailed literature recommendations & ideas by grade level
    • How to reach your spiritual and educational goals
    • How to make the most of the "decade of impressibility" (age 6 - 16)
    • The key to identifying classic books that have huge value to your children
    • How to stimulate your child's interest in specific subjects
    • What your child should be learning at each grade level
    • How to teach so your children's learning is permanent
    • ... and MUCH MORE!
    ALSO in this book:
    16 guest authors share helpful essays on teaching core subjects & skills such as spelling, computer, keyboarding, math, writing, life skills and more! Excellent resources and ideas!


    Sure you want your homeschooling to be successful... but honestly, sometimes you wonder exactly what that means! You work so hard, and try so hard, and ask yourself, "Am I doing the RIGHT things?" but sometimes you can feel like a total failure. Lorraine understands, because she has been there... and THAT is why she wrote this book. In this delightful companion to EASY HOMESCHOOLING TECHNIQUES, Lorraine invites you into her home and our school and shares more about her 20 years of homeschooling, sharing what works and what doesn't -- and how her daughter graduated from high school at age 16, and later became Salutatorian at college. Full of inspirational, affirming stories and practical "real life" tips you can put to use right away, including:

    • How to save time and still give your kids the best!
    • How to put easy techniques into practice to see good results in your school!
    • 7 Planning keys for a literature-based education
    • "Real Life" tecnniques for dealing with - and delighting in - a difficult child!
    • The 4 Step Study Technique
    • 18 Techniques for working with Gifted Children
    • Dozens of checklists, tips, quotes, resource lists and "how to" strategies
    • ... and MUCH MORE!


    Ready to be encouraged & uplifted? In this devotional companion to the Easy Homeschooling books, you'll walk the hills, valleys, cliffs and fields of Lorraine's family farm, "Faith Acres" and listen as God speaks encouragement for the stages and situations of motherhood, including letting go and "life after kids." You have been so very close to your children, how will you EVER be able to let them go, when that time comes? Maybe you already there and need help now. Perhaps you are feeling guilty about what you didn't do, and they are about to leave. Is there a life after homeschooling? ... after kids?  What does God have up ahead for you? Let the guilt go. God really doesn't want you to keep it! In FIELDS WITH GOD Lorraine shares how the Lord ministered to her through these and other mothering situations. Inspirational devotions especially for homeschool moms at any stage of life, with pen and ink wildflower sketches by Lorraine.

    plus you also receive
    19 Checklists & Special Reports (in PDF format)

    Getting Started
    Easy Homeschooling Tips
    Planning Techniques
    Planning for Success
    Good Habits - Retraining & Restraining
    A Mother's Job Description
    Breaking Unproductive Patterns
    Chore Scheduling
    Governing the Family - 1919 style
    History's Advice on Education
    Lessons on "Letting Go"
    Vintage Books: A Storehouse of Sunshine
    Quotes & Poems for Copywork & Memorization
    -- and more!


    Listen to the author, Lorraine Curry, explain exactly what "Easy Homeschooling" is, and
    how you can use her system to make YOUR homeschool stress free!
    "How to Start Easy Homeschooling"
     "Easy Homeschooling the High School Years"
     Radio Interview with Lorraine Curry

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